Back to Reality

After a wonderful two weeks back in my hometown, today we are back to normal life. The drive up to NY was rough, we got a late start and Stella cried for me pretty much the whole time, we hit bad traffic in Maryland, and didn’t arrive until almost 3am!IMG_3010 We spent our time relaxing with family and friends, enjoying the lake, our favorite foods, restaurants, and stores. We celebrated the Fourth of July, our oldest babe turning 4, and Russell turning 28.

Chicken Wings at Rays!
Shadeys birthday party!
Playing tourist at Niagara Falls

When most people think of New York they think it’s just the city and that’s it, I’ve never actually been to New York City, but there is definitely more to NY than others realize. Someone recently thought I was joking when I said New York has farms, ha! My parents live right on Lake Ontario, and you can actually see Toronto from their back yard.

Stella broke my camera while we were there so I don’t have too many pictures, and I didn’t have my phone on me most of the time which was pretty nice to just take a break from it all. Its nice not having to worry about housing complaining about everything you do, and being completely stress free. It was so needed to rest, and recharge.

The drive home was a lot better, especially with having our Noggle! We took a different route home, and only hit traffic in Virginia for about an hour, VS the hours worth of traffic we hit on the way there, and even made it home in time for dinner and to unpack. This past weekend was jam-packed of course, but I was able to get a new phone, thankfully and can get back to my regular posts.

Today was Russell’s first day back to work, and I had no motivation. I need to get my kids back on their normal routine while trying to clean, unpack, and everything else on my list of to-dos. At least I was able to workout today, and even managed to lose some weight on vacation, which was a nice surprise after all the yummy food we ate. Moms for suuuure need vacations from vacation, coming home is always the worst part! Who else feels this way?

Where does your family vacation regularly? Do you travel to your home state or somewhere else? Share your favorite spot to vacation in the comments below!

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