Mason Jar Snow Globe

I’ve never done a tutorial, so if this sucks – I’m sorry In advancešŸ¤Ŗ. If not thanks for following along! If you follow me on insta you already know once the calendar gets to November it’s all Christmas in my house for the next two months.

I always enjoy crafting and a good DIY. I’ve seen mason jar snow globes before and they’re so my style, and since I had pretty much everything laying around my house for it already, I thought why not try it!

For this project you’ll need,

  • A hot glue gun
  • Mason jar/lid (make sure one side of your jar has nothing on it)
  • Twine
  • Fake snow (the big bag was $2 and the small bag was $1 at Walmart – I used both the sparkly and matte fake snow)
  • Character you want to put in your snow globe

If you don’t have any of this stuff you can find it all at Walmart for cheap.

Next, find a piece that you want to put inside of your mason jar. You can find these for about $1 a piece at Walmart, just make sure it will fit inside.

You can either glue your piece to the inside of the lid, or on the inside of the jar, play with it before you glue it because some pieces don’t show if you glue it to the lid depending on the neck of your mason jar. The smaller one I glued it right to the lid, but for this one I glued the tree to the side and the girl to the tree.

Next step is to add your snow once the glue on your pieces has dried. The amount of snow you add is completely up to you, I play around with mine a few times to make sure it’s just right. I also added some fake cranberries and a pine cone to the snow in this one.

After you get the amount of snow and everything inside the way you want, close it up, and grab your twine.

Glue twine around the lid of your jar. And add a little bow to the front, you can make the bow by wrapping the twine around your fingers a few times then tying it off.

And that’s basically it! These took me at most 15 minutes each! It’s all what you like – just make it based on your own style!

Hopefully this was helpful, if it was feel free to share on Facebook, and with your friends.

Thanks for getting holly jolly with me!

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