Bedroom On A Budget

I’ve had anxiety as long as I can remember, in high-school I used to see a therapist a few times a week for it, and one thing I always remembered from her was that our bedroom should be a place we can unwind, and let go of our anxieties at the end of the day. I can’t even remember the last time I felt peace about, and within my bedroom. Our house is small and lacks a lot of storage, which means a lot of stuff gets crammed, and hidden into our room since no one ever comes in here but Russell, and I.

Our bed is on the floor, and all of our furniture was different colors and beyond cluttered.

I gave myself a budget and went to work!

I spent about $50 on paint, paintbrushes, and a chalk paint sealer. Chalk paint is my favorite to use on furniture because it’s really easy to work with.

Here’s the paint and sealer I used. (I already had the black chalk paint, that’s what I used on all the knobs). I bought two cans of the white chalked paint – you can find it at Home Depot.

I took all the frames and decor down, dusted, cleaned everything, and washed all the walls. Then I went through our closet and dressers, and we donated everything we don’t wear – since I just lost over 50 pounds I had a lot to get rid of. And if you know me, you know I love to get rid of stuff. 🤣

Here is some ‘before’ pictures of our room.

We decided to keep the one dresser out of our bedroom and we’re going to turn it into either a coffee bar or serving table in our dining room, it’s all painted, and empty but I suppose I need to finish one project first.

The red cabinet is now white, and holds bathroom toiletries, my makeup, hair stuff and a few other miscellaneous things. The only thing I bought for the cabinet and shelf was the cactuses and they cost me $10, one for each of my kids (they picked them out).

The big gray dresser I painted white, and Russell and I will now share it.

I wanted these knobs across the whole top row but they only had three at the time of purchase, so eventually I will go back for 2 more. For the time being got shiny black for the two top knobs on the ends. I spent under $20 for 5 knobs. I sold the little metal stands that are pictured in one of the before pictures for $30 and used that towards those.

Bedding from Bluebird Linens- linked in picture.

All together it cost me less than $120 to complete transform our room!

I love how everything, and every detail turned out. People have told me to buy white or black curtains to match, but we move so much and curtains are so hard to constantly be buying when you move as much as we do. We have a pile of curtains sitting in our closet from our last house. The tan works for now because it’s neutral, and since I am doing this on a budget I’m not about to spend $100 more just for curtains, when we will be moving AGAIN….soon.🤣😫

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