Never Say Never

Up until a week ago I SWORE, I would never drive a van. But here we are a week later, and I’ve fallen in love… with, a minivan.

Russell’s been trying to convince me for years to get a van, and I would laugh back. I thought my truck was it for me, it got us through 3 moves, hurricane evacuations, pregnancies, vacations, and so much more. For me, my vehicle is my happy place. And my truck was one slice of cool I clung to during all my weight gain, when I felt like I was at my lowest. I always knew I could get in my truck and feel on top of it all.

You lose a lot of who you are through motherhood because we give so much of ourselves to our children. I thought by getting a van I would be losing myself completely. Silly right?!

But put 3 kids all next to each other, in what was once your happy place, and watch it all fade away quickly 🤣. There is no turning up the music to drown out the fighting when everyone is on top of each other. Buckling the kids in was a workout itself, road trips home were crammed. There was no space. I couldn’t do it anymore.

A few weeks ago we went and looked, we fell in LOVE with the Chrysler Pacifica, but damnnnn the price tag had me sticker shocked!

So I looked at the Dodge Caravans, while super budget friendly, it wasn’t love. I thought okay, I can get this.. it’ll be temporary and in a few years I can get my dream SUV.

Because we’re all about our budget I didn’t think the Pacifica was going to happen for me, but man am I so glad it did. I can honestly say this car is a DREAM.

You can laugh at vans and stick your nose up at them all you want. Been there, done that. 😉

If you don’t like your sanity, a van isn’t going to be for you.

If you don’t like having enough room for your whole family, all their crap, AND trunk space, then a van isn’t for you.

If you don’t want your kids to have their own space so they aren’t fighting because they’re up each others asses, then a van isn’t for you.

And if you don’t like a car that is full of all things safety, and automatic everrrryyy thing, then it’s not for you.

But man, this car sure IS for me. It’s beautiful, sleek, meets the laundry list of things I wanted, is loaded with safety features, AND has given me my happy place back. Im not even thinking of this vehicle as a temporary solution anymore either. I’ll be happy to drive my Pacifica until it has no more life to give us.


I guess my horoscopes were right when they said this year that I would find a new love, I sure did in my Pacifica.

I sure am loving that minivan mom life. Never say never y’all!

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