Just Go For It

I was always taught the importance of working hard for the things I wanted in my life. I started working when I was 14, and have had many jobs over the years. When I was 19 I worked three jobs just so I could live on my own after college. When Russell and I got married I continued to work until I got pregnant with Shade. I am SO blessed I get to stay home with my kids, knowing that I’m raising them and not a daycare has always been really important to me. While I love being a stay at home mom, some days I get that never-ending mom guilt about wishing there was more I could do to contribute other than just taking care of things at home. Being a stay at home mom can be thankless, and those are the times I really start to miss working hard, and earning a paycheck.

I went to college for photography and fine arts, my business that was very successful in Tampa took a huge hit when we moved to North Carolina, and I just couldn’t keep up with people who undermine professional services.

I even tried the whole Beachbody coaching gig in 2016… and it lasted a whole six seconds before I felt like a huge fraud. It wasn’t me, and I felt like I was the one who was now undermining professional services. I mean people have degrees for educating others in nutrition and fitness, who was I to try to sell shakes and workout DVDS to people?

I wanted to contribute more. I tried going back to school, not to finish my degree..but in a whole new direction…and still, it wasn’t ME.

This past year I’ve gone through a whole life change, I’ve lost almost 60 pounds, found who I am again, I’ve found new energy, and focus, and want nothing more than to share the things I love, while uplifting, motivating, and inspiring. So when I heard about Zyia Active through my friend Jamie, a company that prides themselves on positivity, and kindness, while uplifting, and encouraging others, it felt like I finally found something that just seemed like ME.

I live in workout clothes, so much that I have more active wear than I do ‘nice’ clothes. I’ve tried SO many different companies and brands, cheap stuff that falls apart after a few workouts, and washes, or doesn’t stay up, or is see-through when squatting. Out of all the stuff I have, nothing makes me feel as good as I do in Zyia. I can dress it up or down, rock a workout or just that busy mom life.

After Beachbody left a such a bad taste in my mouth, I’ve been a huge skeptic and critic. But I’ve been praying on this for over a week, and I know that this is right. I will not clog your feeds with shakes, and programs I know nothing about. I will not try to be your trainer, or give you health advice with no professional training, or use my weight loss to make money off of you. I only share things I truly love and believe in, just like I do with Keelo and Athia. Now I can share my love for this amazing company ( that’s not just for women),  while helping others look, and feel great in something we all wear daily, because you should feel amazing no matter what you’re in! Getting to contribute to my family while continuing to enjoy being a stay at home mom, is just an added bonus!

I’ve spent the last five years, hiding who I am because I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I’m done holding myself back, hiding, and living a life that’s safe because I was too afraid to step out of my comfort zones. I know I will be judged, ignored, and unfollowed, but I’m done being scared, and doing what feels comfortable. This year has been all about new confidence, new adventures, being bold, and unapologetically ME! It’s time to just go for it!

“Life is short. If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you, that moment is NOW!”

Thank you Jamie for helping me go boldly, and confidently into this new adventure, and Russell for always supporting me. As always be sure to follow my shenanigans, and journey on insta @herecomethewojos, and treat yoself to something nice, and shop directly from my website!


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