Ain’t No Box Like The Lift Box

There are so many fitness related products, vitamins, supplements, companies, and stores geared towards fitness, how do you actually have the time to find, and know what the best is? It can be so overwhelming, and what works for one person doesn’t always work for me, and vise versa.

Meet, The Lift Box. America’s best monthly fitness subsciption box, that is also military owned and operated. The boxes include, apparel, supplements, gear, and discounts. Has great customer service, and is always working to get the best of the best products for their customers.

You can choose from a 6, 3, or 1 month subscription, and you can choose your gender/size for apparal. The boxes are valued over $50 and start as low as $32 per month!

For me, going to a store like GNC has always been really intimidating. Especially not knowing what questions to ask, and being afriad of looking stupid in front of people who are way more fit than I was.

This subscription box gives me a chance to find products I love, all from the comfort of my own home. Because everyone hates wasting their money on products that don’t work for them… like that time I wasted $60 on First Phorms Opti Greens, thinking they were going to be life changing, when all they did was taste like friggin dirt. This is only my second Lift Box, and I’ve already fallen in love with some pretty awesome products!

Take the guess work out of what you need, save your time, and treat yoself to this awesome box!

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