In 2018 Hurricane Florence rocked our state and destroyed most of our little town and neighborhood on Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Because of that tons of contractors, and help flooded in from out of town started pouring in to help restore and repair our community.

Not everyone that came to lend a hand had helping on their minds. In late winter early spring 2019, base was in the thick of their repairs, and left and right reported break-ins kept happening. Three of which were in a birds-eye-view to our house. After my neighbors told me their scary story of someone trying to get into their house, I decided right then and there I would not be a victim or left defenseless in my own home – That night I applied for my Purchase Permit. And my mother’s day gift to myself was my Smith & Wesson M&P shield (a gun I had talked about getting since I was 16).

I’ve spent my whole life around guns, I grew up hunting and shooting with my dad. So I know all about gun safety and the importance of it. (I have more guns than Russell 😂). But handguns were a new world for me, so I took my CCH class, got my concealed carry permit, and joined an all women’s shooting club! If you’re in the Camp Lejeune area check out Lionhardt’s. Never have I felt more confident and secure with my own guns, (especially as a woman).

Now I needed with same security at home, especially with 3 kids. When I found Vara Safety it was a perfect match. Designed with families in mind this holster safe was exactly what I was looking for.

This holster safe has a trigger guard, and biometric sensor, and will only unlock to the fingerprints YOU choose to program, (you can add up to 10 fingerprints), and for those who worry about technology malfunctions there is an actual key to unlock if needed.

My Reach has my full confidence, I have my gun locked in a SAFE and secure holster, and have peace of mind every parent deserves with kids in the house. I cant wait to get one for Russell as well. The design is sleek, and pleasing to look at, and can be mounted anywhere (desk, bed frame, night stand, car, and more).


My official review:

My Reach by Vara Safety came quickly, it was easy to install (30 minutes or less). It was easy to add my fingerprints even though I am not great with technology – I’m still working on how to add Russells – (but like I said I suck with technology lol). It 100% does not budge without a fingerprint to unlock it. It isn’t bulky or ugly to look at. And the peace of mind it gives me is beyond worth it. I love being able to have it so close and accessible to me (especially when sleeping). It is fit to YOUR gun – no one size fits all nonsense.

You guys know I will NOT back something I don’t whole heartily believe in, and Vara Safety has my whole confidence with this holster safe! I give it 5 stars ⭐️ and 10/10 Recommend to anyone.

Shop right from my affiliate link: https://varasafety.com/collections/frontpage/products/reach-holstersafe?ref=samanthawojo

Use my code ‘WOJOSREACH‘ to save!

As always thanks for all the love, and following along on the hot mess express! Be sure to follow my blog, and Instagram to keep up with all of my reviews, and shenanigans!


Samantha Wojo

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